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We're For Families and the Memories That Make Them

We Value Your Memories as Much as You Do

You captured every birthday, holiday, family get together and school function. Times have changed, but you still should be able to relive your precious memories.

Other transfer services aren’t thinking of you. They ship them out to other facilities and you risk losing years of precious memories.

We corrected this – we’re a local service that centers quality, safety and a friendly customer service, so you don’t have to compromise on value and quality.

Our conversion technicians handle everything safely, on site

Safety and Reliability

We’re local. Every order is done on-site at our location. It never leaves until you pick it up.


Integral to the experience is the quality of the playback. We aim to get the best possible quality out of every format. We’re confident that this is the last you’ll ever need a transfer.
We give multiple format options for playback
Enjoy reliving your family's memories

Satisfaction and Support

With AVDS, you are the focus. Transferring your memories is a monumental task, and you’ll need our support to guide you through. Whether you need these DVD’s for a family reunion or simply to preserve your legacy for future generations in your family, we’ll get it on time and on budget.

Our expertise

We’ve worked for over 30 years to master our craft. Experience counts when it comes to preserving your memories

Bob Link Converting film in 1989

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How it works

Schedule or come in!

No appointments are necessary, but for a faster experience we recommend to schedule through our website or by phone.

Review and drop off

We personalize every experience – come in and we will work with you to prepare your order. We will give you a quote and you can approve and leave them in-house with us.

Kick back and relax!

Most orders are done within a week, and we will give you a call or email once they are complete.

Pickup & relive your memories

Once your order is complete, pick them up knowing your memories are safe and preserved for the future. If there are any issues, please call us and we will work to make it right.