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Everyone’s needs in a video is unique. AVDS will tailor fit a solution to your needs.

Advanced Video Data Services is a full video production studio. Our team of videographers will guide you into creating a custom video that will fit your unique needs, delivering the message that you want to communicate with your potential customers and viewers. This can take the shape of advertising and promotional videos, broadcast and web commercials, product demonstrations, virtual tours, documentary, corporate overview, and much more.

Our Video Production Services Include:


This is the crucial first step of the process, where we meet to listen and work to understand your video needs and goals. We will strategize and come up with a concept for a video that best tells your story and visually communicates your products and services. We will discuss and help plan your distribution needs and work everything into your budget.


This step begins with outlining and scripting your project. We take all ideas from the meeting and write a video script to communicate those ideas. We then plan the day(s) of the video shoot. We take care of all necessary lighting, audio and camera equipment, as well as any necessary permits to ensure that the day of the shoot goes smoothly as possible. We will also seek any on screen or off screen talent.


This is the day where we shoot your video. On the day of, we arrive at the earliest time to survey the area (if we haven’t done so already). Our studio is also available for your production. Once completed, we will setup all cameras and lighting in the appropriate location. During shooting, we work with and direct all involved to ensure production is goes smoothly and is done right.


The editing phase is where we bring it all together. All of the footage is compiled to tell your story. Editing also includes audio and color correction, and inserting graphics, titles and voice overs.


In the review phase, you are given a link to review the video and provide feedback. Or, if you are in the area you are more than welcome to come watch at our facilities.


Once everything has been reviewed, revised and approved, we deliver a video that can be played back and optimized on multiple platforms, whether this is for the web, broadcast or DVD and Blu-Ray.

Since 1987 Advanced Video Data Services has given organizations just like yours a competitive edge with the use of an effective video. Give us a call today at 513-874-4100 or contact us and feel free to request more information or an appointment.